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How to solve the problem of homogeneity in night tour scenic spots?

2019/10/6 22:51:00
With the development of night economy, the cultural tourism market has been warming up recently, and the consumption of cultural tourism has become a new outlet besides the "night snack".
Nowadays, more and more consumers put forward higher requirements for the supply of products at night. "In recent years, nighttime cultural tourism has become an important grasp to enrich tourists'consumption experience and promote the steady growth of consumption. The group size, consumption output value and user portraits of consumers have undergone profound changes.
According to incomplete statistics, as at the end of July, many measures were launched to promote the "night economy" of tourism. Among them, when the "twelve hour" is on the way, the opening hours of many scenic spots such as the Museum of historical history, the White Deer film city, the wild animal park and so on are extended.
From the policy level, in recent years, the central and local governments have promulgated intensive policies to encourage the development of night tourism, which is gathering into a strong momentum for the development of the night parade industry.
With the upgrading of consumption and entering the era of mass tourism, tourists are more eager to experience the local culture in depth. Compared with the horse-riding and Flower-Watching sightseeing experience during the day, the night is more leisure and more in line with the needs of leisure. With the younger and younger consumer groups, China's night tour products will be more diversified.
With the booming economy of night travel, new incentive policies have been introduced in various places. Capital from all walks of life has rushed into the market, and the market of night travel has become very hot. After the lighting show held this year, many tourists have found that lighting shows, night performances and night markets have become the "standard" of tourist cities, but the content forms are homogenized.
At present, there is still a lack of comprehensive tourism products for destination cities in the market, and the night tourism products are still single, and the development depth is not enough. Only by rational layout and avoiding one side of a thousand cities can we give full play to the role of tourism as an engine of night economy.
In addition, the protection and matching of night economy are also concerned by all walks of life. At the same time that government departments vigorously advocate, enterprises and capital rush in and consumers actively participate, whether the night public transport, infrastructure and service security can keep up in time, or will become an important factor affecting the night economic

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