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Four Cards Should be Played Well in the Development of Rural Residence

2019/10/9 9:55:43
As an upgraded version of rural tourism and rural entertainment, rural residential accommodation has gradually developed under the background of tourism consumption upgrading and the growing popularity of freedom. Especially in the situation of vigorous development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism in the country, all parts of the country continue to make efforts to make rural residential quarters unprecedented development. However, problems such as illegal occupation of arable land, super-high, super-large illegal construction and overdraft of ecological environment have also emerged in the development of rural residential quarters in some places. The author believes that how to strengthen planning management, vigilance against the barbaric growth of residential industry, and promote the high-quality development of rural residential, we should focus on playing "four cards".
First, we should play a good "planning card". Incorporating the development of rural residential quarters into tourism development planning, linking up with local national economic and social development planning, urban and rural construction planning, territorial space planning and overall planning of villages and towns, paying attention to the protection of ecological resources and strictly abiding by the ecological red line.
Second, we should play the "ecological card". Scientific and rational use of ecological resources, pay attention to the benign interaction with the surrounding environment, develop ecological landscape, Ecological Rural residence, ecological vacation, ecological breeding, ecological science popularization, ecological health agricultural products and other types of rural residential products; vigorously develop residential creative products to meet the needs of different levels.
Third, we should play a good "cultural card". In-depth excavation of cultural resources, enhance the cultural connotation of rural residential quarters, enhance the experience and interaction of rural residential quarters. We should focus on the coordinated development of local cultural and tourism resources, respect folk customs, advocate nature and environmental protection, experience local culture, promote the integration of rural residential quarters with local culture, diet and folklore, display as much as possible the continuation of local cultural context rooted in the long history, show its close relationship with contemporary life, and dig deep into the core of traditional folk culture. We should combine the rural culture and ecological resources, vigorously develop creative products of rural residential accommodation to meet the needs of different levels.
Fourth, we should play a good "information card". Emphasis should be laid on the integration of information technology to achieve full coverage of mobile communication signals and wireless networks, and gradually establish an information management platform for rural residential quarters covering the whole region, effectively realizing the functions of monitoring, investigation, analysis and prediction, safety management, market guidance, promotion and marketing; and on the use of modern scientific and technological achievements, the use of new technologies, new materials, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, AR, VR, etc. Means, as well as new media platform and big data technology, design and develop intelligent rural residential products with strong experience and interaction, develop new network marketing models such as "fan" economy, and establish an integrated marketing pattern.
The significance of rural residential accommodation is to let tourists stay away from the "cement forest" of the city, experience quiet and pleasant pastoral life, and feel the unique local conditions and customs of the countryside. Therefore, the development of rural residential quarters should be based on the above-mentioned "four cards", combining local local culture and rural tourism resources, taking the development of rural characteristic culture as the core, taking into account characteristic buildings and environment, protecting and developing rural traditional culture, and creatively developing tourism products.

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